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i went too look for automobile just right auto sales chattanooga.i found several cars too look at.the salesman was in a hurry too sell a car.i filled

out a credit application as buy here pay here car lot. said ya youre approved,but one thing,the car i picked was a repo from that week,out on the car lot. sales manager said i could drive another car if the owner did not come and get it????? they have too hold repos for thirty days. i said i dont know about this deal.said i would call and let him know. he said he needed money too hold 800.00 dollars,too keep from selling the car. i left the money. called back later and said no too the deal. i wanted my money back. said he couldnt do that, sales manager told several stories as too paying my back. it would come in the mail,of course it didnt. called again said they would send it too him. a month went by still no return off my money. called sales manager never responded back by phone or email. finally

i sent emails too corporate office with no replys back. emails too them.

seem like noone could help me. after a month i submitted a email too the are regional manager there at this car dealer. he replied back by email check is at the store one month later, no customer service respect of sorry

too the customer. if fact he said nothing. went too the car dealer next day

he came out from his office with a check nasty look at me,never spoke too me. handed me the check and walk away saying nothing too me. i thought if i

represented a company just right auto chattanooga tn,i would tried too use some common courteous with a consumer. ALL I CAN SAY IS BEWARE OF THIS



Review about: Poor Service.



This place is a rip off!I am in the process of filing a complaint with the consumer services.

I purchased a vehicle from them in 2008 and after a month of driving the Vehicle i thought that i was having transmission issues and i was told that i was the motor and transmission mounts. I allowed them to fix it. The same day that i picked up the vehicle i felt the same issue going on but being that i was 21 and was trying to trust this dealership i drove i disregarded it. I took it back within the next month and i was told that it was the transmission.

I allowed them to fix the vehicle again and still same thing going on. I was then told that its just the way the vehicle drives. I trusted them once again. With the contract i was given free oil changes.

Never was able to get an oil change when i wanted it only when they wanted. They switched several auto shops because the company wasnt paying and the shop was doing the oil changes. On 9/2010 i was told by a rep at the company that the company that was providing auto repair was accused of not fixing vehicles properly. I was not notified by JRAS corp office at all.

It was something that came from a Employee because he or she was upset. I called the Corp office and they refused to offer assitance to me.

I was told that they were just letting people pay for cars until they stop working.I am still not able to get any assistance as of 9/26/10.

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